Trading & Delivery Mechanism

Physical deliveries of contracts on ' RSBL SPOT ' are either 'T+2' or 'T+3' basis. If we take an example of 'T+2' delivery contract, then the delivery has to be compulsorily taken or given within two working days after the trade has been done. The following explains the delivery mechanism:

Day One- 'T'
Day Two- 'T+1'
Day 'T+2'
Day 'T+3'
  1. Client requests for the quotes and places a 'buy' or a 'sell' order at those prices, subject to enough margins.

  2. The System accepts the order and confirms it. Similarly, a client can place a pending order.

  3. Once the trade is executed the same can be seen in the Trade section of Terminal of   RSBL SPOT

  4. The Ticket number is very important as it is used as a reference number at the time of Delivery.

  5. Any open positions at the end of the Day 'T' will result in compulsory delivery.

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