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Preface: Opening a Demo Account

When starting RSBL SPOT for the first time, the software assumes you will be registering for a Demo Account. You will need to do this first, in order to establish a trading account with RSBL SPOT and begin using the software. Once you have a Demo account, you may then convert it into a "Live" version at any time upon signing the account opening form and agreement.

To begin real-time trading without monetary risks, please go to to download the RSBL SPOT Demo Trading Terminal.

RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited strongly recommends that all users, whether they are experienced traders or just beginners, trade with the demo before opening a "Live" account. This may demonstrate some of the risks associated with trading on a leveraged basis. The demo account is virtually identical to the "Live" trading experience. It allows traders to experiment with the software without incurring any financial risks.



RSBL SPOT software allows users to trade in the market utilizing technical analysis in real-time, offering an integrated package with many features. The software has several primary components:

To begin real-time trading without monetary risks, please go to to download the RSBL SPOT Demo Trading Terminal.

Flexible real-time technical analysis and charts.

Real-time double sided quotes.

Real-time news feed.

Easy to use trading terminal.

Integrated built-in web browser.

Combining technical analysis, news and an easy to use trading terminal, RSBL SPOT serves as an ideal platform providing users with all the tools necessary for full-scale on-line trading in the markets.


How to View Web-Based Statements.

There are 3 types of reports:

Delivery Obligation Report :Since this platform's basic purpose is delivery of bullions, one can know their obligation from this report. The details of trade are spepcified in this report.

Financial Ledger : You can view your current and previous ledger positions. This will provide all the transaction details of your trades and Net Liquidation Value as of date.

Open Position : Till the positions are marked for delivery or are settled , they fall in the category of Open Position.

Following steps help you to view the web-based statements :

Step 1

- Log on to

Step 2

- Select Backoffice Clients Login in "Login" tab. Access the account by entering your username and password

Step 3

- You can view the statements


Here is the RSBL SPOT program window as it appears for the first time when it is started.

Combining technical analysis, news and an easy to use trading terminal, RSBL SPOT serves as an ideal platform providing users with all the tools necessary for full-scale on-line trading in the markets.


The window is activated by clicking the Account History Tab on the bottom of the Trade Terminal.
There are 3 types of reports:


Quotes Window

In order to trade, clients have to double click the symbol or right click on the symbol to put the order.


Clients will get their entire positions on the terminal itself. Clients have to go to the Account History Option in the terminal and right click and Save the report.

Closed Position: Clients will get the details of the trades closed after the delivery.

Open Trades: Clients will get the Open trades, these are those trades which are not yet settled by delivery.

Working Orders: These are the Pending orders of the clients. Clients can modify or cancel these orders.

Summary: Summary gives a complete financial status of the account.


The Navigator is designed to work similarly to the Market Watch. It provides quick and convenient access to various program resources.

The Navigator may be activated through the Navigator item in the View menu. You may also toggle the Navigator by pressing the Ctrl + N key combination.

The Navigator button is used to switch the Navigator window On/Off.

The Navigator is organized, visually, by folders which include:

Accounts – Any Broker with help of this accounts option can switch to different clients account and trade respectively.

Indicators - By double-clicking an indicator, you can add it to a currently active chart.

Expert Advisors - By double-clicking an advisor, you can activate it for the current chart.


This window displays news headings with their respective announcement times. It can be activated through the News tab located on the bottom of the Trade Terminal box.

The News tab is designated for opening the streaming on-line news in the Trade Terminal screen.

By double-clicking a news heading, you open the news content


The Trade Terminal allows you to make trades and control your open positions in real- time. You can activate it through the View menu or by pressing the Ctrl + T key combination.

The Trade Terminal button is used for switching the Trade Terminal window On or Off. The Trade Terminal window can be positioned anywhere on screen. To move it, click the title bar and hold the left mouse button down to drag the window where you want it.

Active commodity positions are listed in the Trade Terminal window (shown in the screen shot above).


Internal mail is used by our Managers and Traders to ensure message delivery to our users, because regular e-mail is not always reliable. It is activated through the Mailbox tab on the bottom of the Trade Terminal.

The Mailbox tab is designated for viewing Internal RSBL SPOT Mail coming from the back-office.


Server tab - Server options:

Login & Password - The account number and password enabling access to the system

Server & Port - The production server IP address and port number (they are set up automatically, don't change them!)

Enable DDE - Switch - on the mode of server auto tracing; Check for a new version at startup - the mode of trade terminal new versions

Change - Allows you to change the password;

Keep Personal settings - If this box is checked, the account history, the notepad and mailbox content are saved automatically on the user's computer.

The Options button opens the Options window.


Events tab – This tab enables the client to make audio setting for various events. Clients can set different audio tunes for different events like email notification, Connect etc


Order Placement Window

A position can be opened in several ways:

From the Order Form item in the Tools menu.

By pressing the "F9" key on your keyboard.

By Order Form command from the context menu appearing after right-clicking Trade Terminal window.


The Ticket section:

Symbol - The symbol you wish to trade. Click arrow drop-down menu to change selection.

Volume - The number of lots you wish to open

Stop Loss - The level at which a position is automatically closed to limit losses.

Take Profit - The level at which you wish to close a position in order to realize profits

The Order section:

After your request, the quotes from RSBL SPOT will be displayed in the centre of the section; By pressing the Request button , you are requesting a current quote for opening a position; The Buy or Sell buttons become active after receiving the current quote from RSBL SPOT By clicking one of them, you open the position in the desired direction.

Type – Client has to select the type of order he wants to put (Buy or Sell)

At price - You input in this field a price at which the order will be executed.

Place – for sending the order to RSBL SPOT..

The principles of placing pending Orders are shown below.

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